Patient Access Lookup (PAL)

The Patient Access Lookup (PAL) Website offers Providers and Payers a centralized space providing coverage, prior authorization, and reimbursement information for specific tests, devices, or drugs, by Payer and/or State. It is a webpage, hosted by yourself or us, that allows you to direct patients, providers, and other stakeholders to crucial coverage information, and our experienced developers work with you to create a custom webpage to match any branding or regulatory requirements. PAL was designed with the user in mind, offering your providers and/or patients access to relevant, up-to-date policy information.

The Patient Access Lookup (PAL) Portal is a powerful tool to help Providers and Patients submit claims. At its core, the PAL Portal facilitates claims submission by helping Physicians and Patients walk through the requirements process.

Everyone Needs a PAL:

A PAL website allows you to:

  • Provide a user-friendly webpage for patients and providers to look up coverage criteria for your products
  • Reduce claim denials by ensuring all stakeholders are following the latest criteria
  • Enable your regional account managers to highlight coverage for your product
  • Give your call center or reimbursement hotline a tool to help with claims
Support your Physician team with a PAL

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