Formulary Viewer

Understand and Track Tier Placement and Formulary Restrictions

Our Formulary Viewer allows users to search through various formulary criteria to find how their product(s) are treated in the market. Users gain immediate insight into the breadth and restrictiveness of their product’s coverage, including:

  • Step Edits
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Tier Placement
  • Specialty Designation

Increased Capabilities and Unmatched Value

With over 10 years of experience in reimbursement data collation and management, Policy Reporter is utilizing our patented technology in the formulary space. To ensure that Formulary Viewer continues to meet your commercial objectives in today’s market, the tool’s new and improved features include:

Extensive search functionalities combined with simple navigation to locate the exact information you need
Integrated pharmacy covered lives at the formulary level to quickly assess the impact of a formulary placement
PBM – Controller relationships, to tell you who administers a prescription drug plan
Data export capabilities for offline review
Informative visualizations to assess the impact of restrictions by product, controller, and plan type

Stay on top of your product’s formulary placement with our enhanced tool

Policy Reporter’s Formulary Viewer provides real-time formulary reporting and analytics, through unique, patent-pending technology that ensures you are constantly accessing a live state of the market.

With this one tool that tracks a comprehensive database of formularies, we eliminate the need to search for and monitor formularies and help you to strategize more effectively with a deeper understanding of barriers to access.

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