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Policy Reporter provides a suite of services designed to accelerate commercial performance throughout the product lifecycle.

We leverage our decades of market access experience, as well as our Policy Reporter Partners network of reimbursement opinion leaders (ROLs), to develop strategic insights and guide program execution.

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Pre-Commercial Services

Competitive Coverage Assessment (Pre-Launch Payer Landscape Dashboard)

More thoroughly understand how payers currently manage key therapeutic categories / competitors to optimize launch planning for your Phase 3 assets

Analog identification and assessment based upon current reimbursement and coverage data to power insight generation.

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Independent Model Policy

Proactively articulate your treatment’s likely payer coverage criteria prior to launch, to guide your post-approval payer outreach

Policy Reporter’s Independent Model Policy assists our clients’ and US payers’ formulary review committees with generating coverage policies that are consistent with a product’s supporting clinical data, and generally accepted standards of clinical practice.

The Model Policy is independently reviewed and created by our team of physicians by leveraging information that is available in the public domain, in addition to information provided by our clients. The Policy is developed in draft format prior to FDA approval, and is then subsequently updated to reflect the contents of the FDA-approved package insert (PI).

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Predictive Payer Analysis

Determine the likely placements for your therapy upon launch

Our consultants assess the present and future coverage risks facing your brand and provide strategic recommendations to mitigate them.

Policy Reporter’s Predictive Payer Coverage solution leverages our proprietary data, historical insights, predictive modeling, and decades of subject matter experience to forecast your payer market. Our data-driven approach identifies key targets and provides tactical recommendations to maximize your coverage.

We will support you with:

  • Predictive modeling – running risk assessments to clarify your high-priority targets for your post-launch access.
  • Custom reports – comprehensive reports to provide insights into payer trends and most likely access scenarios.
  • Answers to critical questions – such as which payers are most likely to cover, and the timeline to policy publication or formulary adoption.
  • Strategic recommendations – we will work with you to identify and target payers for monitoring and intervention, allowing you to allocate resources accordingly to contain any potential risks.
  • Payer validation – access to a virtual panel of medical and/or pharmacy directors from a selection of plans to validate the predictive modeling, provide key insights and strategic input into your go-to-market strategies.

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In-Line Services

Payer Landscape Dashboard

Gain detailed insight into the payer environment to create, execute, and develop your market access strategy

Our Payer Landscape Dashboard structures payer reimbursement criteria, formulary position, and covered lives, to objectively determine the true quality of your product’s payer coverage.

With the option to overlay dashboards, data summaries, and strategic insights, they provide the detail you need to build and evolve your access initiatives.

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Payer Advocacy

Let us reach out to the policy department at key payers on your behalf to advocate for improved coverage

We leverage our extensive network and expertise in policy development to advocate for the targeted policy position for your brand, either upon launch or when new clinical data and guidelines are released that warrant a change in coverage criteria.

Our payer advocacy service has been designed to create a clinical advocacy package for health plans to consider evidence-based coverage. We start with in-depth access and clinical research, develop a model coverage policy and KOL letter of support, and then engage targeted payers on a solid foundation.

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Policy Reporter Partners

Get first-hand insights to inform your market access and reimbursement strategies

Policy Reporter Partners is our community of Reimbursement Opinion Leaders (ROLs) who provide insights to pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and device manufacturers to help improve their market access strategies, patient support programs, and reimbursement approaches.

Partners have “in the room” experience among both payers and front-line reimbursement staff, providing full-spectrum insights around coverage, reimbursement, and patient support services throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Partners deliver expert insights via two core tactics: surveys and interviews. These can answer critical questions and validate assumptions driving your payer and reimbursement strategy.

With first-hand experience from working in top medical centers and for national and regional payers, our Partners have backgrounds in roles such as:

  • Hospital/Physician Reimbursement Staff (Access Coordinators, Prior Authorization Teams)
  • Health Plan/PBM Medical Director or Pharmacy Director
  • Guidelines and Pathways Committee Leadership
  • Patient Advocates and Navigators
  • Healthcare Policy Professionals

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