Current Policy Database

Policy Reporter hosts a vast database of live payer policies, including medical and pharmaceutical policies, reimbursement policies, criteria, PA forms, coding guidelines, provider manuals, fee schedules and more.

Quickly find the payer policy documents you need by using our interactive dashboard.

Search by document type, therapy category, payer, state and plan type, to find the desired document(s). We offer a link to that exact document so that you can review the material for yourself.

    • Medical Policies 
    • Pharmaceutical Policies 
    • Reimbursement Policies 
    • PA Forms 
    • Coding Guidelines 
    • Provider Manuals 
    • Fee Schedules 
    • More..

What’s more, we’ll let you know at a glance when a given document was last updated.

Access the most comprehensive payer policy database on the market with our live Policy Database subscription.

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