Payer Data

Understanding key Payer statistics such as enrollment, allows you to ensure your Market Access strategy is sharply targeted at the plans and populations which will have the most impact. Staying informed of the current Medical and Pharmaceutical Directors and plan contacts allows you to put your strategy to work, reaching out to key Payer stakeholders.

Covered lives

Our Covered Lives Dashboard is a powerful tool capable of providing detailed Payer enrollment statistics across the nation. With Covered Lives, you can see detailed health plan enrollment statistics broken down by Payer, state, and detailed plan type to assess the market impact and coverage of specific drugs.

Contact directory

Access an interactive, proprietary directory of critical employees from each Payer which includes medical and pharmacy directors, submission reviewers, market access managers, policy specialists and more. This directory is continually updated and provides each contact’s preferred method of contact, including

  • Company address (HQ)
  • Phone number
  • Email address  


With access to the relevant decision-makers at your fingertips, you can ensure your products receive the maximum coverage in all current and future policy decisions.

Committee meeting calendar

Leverage our dynamic Calendar tool to sort, view, anticipate and act on important coverage meetings, including:

  • Advisory Committee meetings
  • Pharmacy & Therapeutics meetings
  • Draft National & Local Coverage Determinations
  • Coding and Lab meetings

Our calendar tool was designed to function identically to other popular calendar software, ensuring easy adoption into your company’s workflow, and enabling you to keep on top of any future meetings that may affect your products.

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