PolicyCore Subscription

PolicyCore provides email notifications and an online portal for access to real-time medical policies, pharmaceutical policies, prior authorization criteria and forms, coding guidelines, billing guidelines, fee schedules and more.

With the PolicyCore Subscription, you can become an expert on how Payers treat and reimburse your device, test or therapy in no time.

Policy Email Alerts

Receive instant notifications to medical and pharmaceutical policy changes across the Payer landscape, tailored specifically to your therapies and topics of interest. Policy Reporter’s Live Policy Updates ensures you are notified of any changes that could affect your business in real-time, allowing you to act and react quickly. Powered by a patented software called Bumblebee, we have automated the nearly impossible task of keeping on top of every coverage, criteria and policy change. 

Receive real-time notifications customized by: 

  • Device, test, code or topic 
  • Payer 
  • Plan 
  • State 
  • Daily or weekly digests 
  • Alerts as they happen 


Current & Historical Policy Database:
A Complete Policy Repository

Policy Reporter’s PolicyCore database pulls from over 850,000 policies to provide you access to the most expansive Payer policy database available. Our database stores current and historical Payer policy information from almost all Payers and plans and allows you to search and filter these polices down to the most granular level available. Our database enables you to:

  • Search for policies by therapy, Payer, state, plan type, and more through an easy-to-use interface.
  • See when a policy was last updated
  • Access a link direct to that specific policy itself
  • View draft policies, CAC, Coding panel meeting calendar
  • Access historical versions of policies not accessible anywhere else 

Advanced Policy Search

Access the most powerful Payer policy database on the market with the PolicyCore Advanced Search. Our universal search function allows you to search down to the most granular level within the industry’s largest payer database to find the precise medical policy, form, coding guidelines, billing guideline, provider manual, prior authorization form or other documents you are looking for. Search by keyword, code, topic, Payer, plan type, state and more.  Policy Reporter allows you to keep on top of the latest criteria documents with real-time access.

Inform your market access strategies like never before by having current and historical policy information at your fingertips. 


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