Sales & Physician Support Tools

Your sales and market access teams, as well as healthcare providers, are at the forefront of achieving maximum coverage for your medical devices, why not maximize their potential with our sales and physician support tools below. These data-driven solutions are designed to empower your market access efforts and ensure the providers you work can prescribe your product with confidence.

The Patient Access Lookup (PAL) Website offers Providers or Patients an easy-to-access and up-to-date portal to view, download and search the latest plan specific authorization criteria.

It is a custom branded webpage tailored to your requirements, embedded into your current provider facing site or hosted by us, that allows you to direct patients, providers, and other stakeholders to crucial coverage information. You can search by plan, state, indication and access the latest criteria in an easy-to-view format. You also have direct access to the coverage document, prior authorization form and provider contact information for claim authorization. 

The Patient Access Lookup site was designed with the user in mind, offering your providers and/or patients access to relevant, up-to-date policy information.

Empower Your Providers:

Policy Reporter has received a lot of feedback from our clients on how difficult it is to capture whether a specific test, therapy, or medical device is covered and under what criteria across all plans. Policies can change anytime throughout the year, and provider billing departments often do not have the time to read through a 20-page policy before submitting a claim.

Patients are also often not aware how to check their coverage, and how a medical or pharmacy policy might apply to them. Well no more, the Patient Access Lookup Website is here to help!


PAL Features


    • Filter reimbursement info for your medical device by state or Payer
    • Coverage criteria and restrictions are extracted directly from the Payer coverage policy

    • Include a direct link to the Payer website, policy or form
    • Include prior authorization criteria and forms along with the plan phone and contact details
    • Update reimbursement information weekly, monthly or quarterly

    • Customize the website to align with your company’s brand guidelines
    • Have your PAL page accessible to the public, or restricted behind a login e.g. a National Provider Identifier (NPI)
    • Have the site incorporated into your own website domain, or let us host it separately, it’s up to you.

Everyone Needs a PAL

A PAL website allows you to:

  • Provide a user-friendly webpage for patients and providers to look up coverage criteria for your products
  • Reduce claim denials by ensuring all stakeholders are following the latest criteria
  • Support initial authorization and reauthorization 
  • Enable your regional account managers to highlight coverage for your product
  • Give your call center or reimbursement hotline a tool to help with claims


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