Pre Launch Support

Achieving FDA approval for a new medical device requires tremendous work, clinical evidence and financial risk, and unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Achieving medical necessity among Payers and reducing barriers to access for patients is an ongoing challenge. Planning your market access and patient support strategies ahead of launch are crucial to achieve maximum coverage for your device when it hits the market. With Policy Reporter's Pre-Launch services, our team will ensure your market access strategy is fine-tuned and ready to face the ever-changing Payer policy environment.

This custom snapshot is compiled by our experienced team of Payer Policy Analysts so that you can accurately assess Payer coverage and optimize access for your medical device, test or therapy.

What’s Included

Key Payer statistics such as enrollment numbers by state and play type, plan dynamics, and geographical presence
Coverage criteria of your medical device, test or therapy by Payer and plan type across all available Payers
Coverage of competing therapies, and a comparative analysis
Relevant restrictions such as age limits, prior authorization requirements, physician documentation and more customized to your specific needs

How Does This Drive Revenue?

Payer Landscape Reports provide you with critical data to create, execute, and develop your Market Access Strategy. Allowing you to:



Giving insight into how Payers treat your product across the marketplace, including where coverage is strongest, which regions and providers to target, and how to tailor your payer advocacy efforts.



Identifying where coverage exists, where it does not, or where there are barriers to patient access allows you to deploy your sales and marketing strategies effectively and efficiently.



Highlighting not only which Payers cover your medical device and how, but which do not, thereby informing an accurate and effective patient, provider, and payer communication strategy.

Have it Your Way

We can facilitate a number of delivery options to suit our clients workflow, including:

  • A Summary report & Analysis (.pdf)
  • Excel Datasheet
  • A custom dashboard
  • Powerpoint/Slidedeck
  • A consultative walkthrough with our policy analysts
Perfect your market access strategy with the invaluable insights of a Payer Landscape Report

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Payers dictate how your medical device is received in the marketplace, understanding them and their coverage decisions is crucial to the long-term success of your launch.

Covered Lives

Our Covered Lives Dashboard is a powerful tool capable of providing detailed Payer enrollment statistics, and boasts the most frequently updated information in the market. We break down information by Payer, state, and detailed plan type, and offers graphic visualizations and map views to ensure you can access the information you need, when you need it.

View Detailed Health Plan Enrolment Statistics:

  • By Payer (Health Plan) 
  • By State 
  • By Individual Plan Type
  • By Benefit Manager  
  • By Medical Benefit and Pharmaceutical Benefit Enrollment

Payer Contact Directory

Access an interactive, proprietary directory of critical employees from each Payer which includes medical and pharmacy directors, submission reviewers, provider relations, policy specialists and more. This directory is continually updated and provides each contact’s preferred method of contact, including

  • Company address (HQ)
  • Phone number
  • Email address  

With access to the relevant decision-makers at your fingertips, you can ensure your products receive the maximum coverage in all current and future policy decisions.

Payer Meeting Calendar

Leverage our dynamic Calendar tool to sort, view, anticipate and act on important coverage meetings, including:

  • Advisory Committee meetings
  • Policy Review Meetings 
  • Pharmacy & Therapeutics meetings
  • Draft National & Local Coverage Determinations
  • Coding and Lab meetings

Our calendar tool was designed to functions identically to other popular calendar software, ensuring easy adoption into your company’s workflow, and enabling you to keep on top of any future meetings that may affect your products.

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