Predictive Payer Coverage

Understand coverage, restrictions, and criteria before commercialization to know how Payers will treat your product upon launch. Our Predictive Payer Coverage solution assesses the present and future coverage risks facing your brand, and provides strategic insights necessary to help mitigate them.

Solution Process

The solution leverages Policy Reporter’s proprietary data, historical insights, and predictive modeling and combines this with our decades long insider experience to give you a comprehensive forecast of your payer market. We use a data-driven approach to identify key targets and provide tactical recommendations to maximize your coverage.


Predictive Modeling

Based on custom reporting, we analyze and predict likely access risk and opportunities your product can face upon launch. We are able to run risk assessments to help clarify your high-priority targets for your post-launch access.



Custom Report

We walk you through a customized, comprehensive report to provide insights into payer trends and most likely access scenarios.

We Answer Your Burning Questions:

  • Which payers are most likely to cover?
  • What restrictions and criteria are most likely to be in place?
  • Are there certain HTAs, studies or guidelines that will influence coverage?
  • What is the timeline to policy publication or formulary adoption?

Predictive Executive Summary & Strategic Recommendations:

We work with you to identify and target payers for monitoring and intervention, allowing you to allocate resources accordingly to contain any potential risks.

We deliver a strategically-oriented plan of action focusing on the lines of business and geographies pertinent to your goals, while identifying the payers of interest that you can engage with in confidence.


Payer Validation

We can provide access to a virtual panel of medical and/or pharmacy directors from a selection of plans to validate the predictive modeling, provide key insights and strategic input into your go-to-market strategies.

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