Patient Access Lookup Portal

The Patient Access Lookup (PAL) Portal is a powerful tool to help Providers and Patients submit claims. At its core, the PAL Portal facilitates claims submission by helping Physicians and Patients walk through the requirements process.

The PAL portal offers Providers and staff a centralized space to easily review relevant documents and information regarding a patient’s coverage, quickly accessible from your own website.

PAL hosts Payer information and its related documents such as prior authorization forms and reimbursement information on specific tests, devices or drugs. PAL was designed with the user in mind, offering you a customizable web portal to match your branding requirements and support your existing workflow. Alternatively, key Payer information can be embedded directly into your existing Provider support website. Talk to a Policy Reporter Technical Specialists today to learn about the options.


PAL helps to reduce claim denials and reduce reimbursement and patient support center calls. It supports the patient’s authorization process and helps patients get on therapy and stay on therapy. 

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