Predictive Coverage Reporting

Before FDA approval, it’s crucial to know how Payers will treat your new medical device or test. Understanding coverage, restrictions, and criteria before commercialization allows you to design an effective market access strategy.

Our Predictive Payer Coverage Reports offer crucial insights into the marketplace before you launch your medical device.

The Burning Questions We Answer for You

  • How will Payers react and interpret the clinical evidence
  • Which Payers are most likely to be the first, second, and last to cover your medical device
  • What restrictions and criteria are most likely to be in place
  • Are there certain HTAs, studies or guidelines that will influence your coverage
  • What access and reimbursement challenges will patients likely encounter 

Model Policy & Payer Panels:

Policy Reporter can provide sample Payer Model Policy vetted by current Medical Directors in a live Payer Panel to support your upcoming launch and Payer outreach. Paired with the Predictive Payer Coverage Report this provides a powerful targeting and outreach strategy.

Get ahead of the market using crucial insights with a Predictive Coverage Report. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation with our experienced Data Analysis Team.

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