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Receive instant notifications to medical policy changes across the entire payer landscape tailored specifically to your therapies of interest. Policy Reporter's Live Insurance Policy Updates ensures you are notified of any change that could affect your business in real time, allowing you to react quickly. Sort, categorize, analyze and study changes by insurer using our easy to use reporting tools.

While individual reimbursement consultants may provide general overviews of policy changes quarterly, or semi-annually, their sample sizes are often small and the information you receive may already be several months old. No other solution matches the real time, fully automated nature of Policy Reporter across such an expansive landscape. Our payer population isn't a preselected representative sample; it is a fully comprehensive database of commercial and public payers sortable by name and state, and you can even access many individual plans within a single insurer. By using Policy Reporter, you will be able to reallocate your resources to ensure your customers are aware of the very latest insurer criteria and enable maximum coverage for your products.

Our most dynamic and attractive elements are best viewed in a live web demo. Our representatives can show you step by step how each part of our product works and how it can be most effectively used to give you a measurable advantage. Contact us today to arrange a web demo with our team.

Features & Benefits
• Payer policies, drafts, bulletins and more tracked in real time
• Updates sortable and categorized to meet your needs in a user friendly online portal
• Draft policy, CAC, Coding panel meeting calendar
• Payer contact information and comment submission directory
• Therapy specific customization
• Additional easy to use reporting tools
• Comprehensive payer coverage
Draft & Policy Data

Draft Policies and Technology Assessments: Stay on top of draft policies that are being released across the payer landscape. Submitting comments or attending draft payer meetings in advance of a decision can be a powerful aid in your payer advocacy efforts. Prior notifications are delivered for draft and published policy reviews and technology assessments.

Pharmacy Benefit Alerts: Keep on top of Pharmacy Benefit and Pharmaceutical Medical Benefit Documents with Policy Reporter's real time pharmacy alerts. Access alerts by Drug, Drug Class, or Indication and keep up to date on the payers and plan types that apply to your business.

  • Access pharmacy benefit policy and criteria
  • Receive real-time alerts to changes in pharmacy benefit coverage
  • Access dynamic pharmacy benefit reporting tools

Live Payer Policy Access

With Policy Reporter, you will have live access to payer policy documents on demand. Whether you need access to a medical or reimbursement policy, a key prior authorization form or a pharmacy policy, Policy Reporter allows you to keep on top of the latest criteria documents with real time access.

  • Real time policy access
  • Easy to use tools
  • Drill down to relevant content with ease

Coverage Reporting & Analytics

Comparison Tools for Coverage: Generate instant landscape reports detailing document types, enrollment data by payer, fee schedules, review dates and more, saving hours of manual research. All data is continually updated in real time.

Policy Reporter's robust, real time platform provides in depth coverage reports and statistics by specific therapy, diagnostic test or drug. Policy Reporter's Coverage Reporting Tools allow you to compare coverage and other key criteria between payers and plans with a few clicks of a button.

Generate Instantly:

  • Coverage landscape reports
  • Coverage by payer and plan type
  • Cross reference enrollment data
  • Compare fee schedule rates
  • Keep on top of review dates, CPT, HCPCS, ICD Coding and more

Coverage Analytics Tools: Policy Reporter's Coverage Analytics Platform provides in depth coverage statistics and reporting tools that allow you to extract actionable and insightful data from the coverage landscape. Our interactive, real-time platform allows you to analyze the coverage of your product across payer and plan types.

Policy Reporter's robust Analytics Platform provides real-time data that allows you to make critical decisions such as:

  • Adjust your marketing and sales strategies
  • Determine product planning and R&D
  • Create a comprehensive and robust payer advocacy program
  • Optimize the reimbursement landscape for your products

Our most dynamic and attractive elements are best viewed in a live web demo. Our representatives can show you step by step how each part of our product works and how it can be most effectively used to give you a measurable advantage. Contact us today to arrange a web demo with our team.

Case Study: A Major Diagnostic Laboratory in Need of Real Time Alerts

Client: A National Diagnostic Laboratory

Need: A national diagnostic laboratory approached Policy Reporter with a need to keep on top of the changing payer coverage landscape for the tests they offer.

Solution: A subscription to Policy Reporter's Live Policy Alerts for payers and tests related to their business

Outcome: Policy Reporter was able to provide real time alerts for the payers and tests germane to the client. Within the first few weeks of subscribing to Policy Reporter's Live Policy Updates, the client was alerted to a critical draft policy that had negative coverage for an important and profitable test that they offer. The client then utilized Policy Reporter's Advocacy Service to reach out to the payer and reverse that negative decision before the draft policy became active. This helped to reduce claim denials and add significantly to their bottom line.

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Customer Quote

"I have been impressed by how Policy Reporter handles such a large volume of payer information with accuracy. I'm no longer caught off guard by major payer policy changes."

Global Oncology Pharmaceutical Company


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