Draft & Policy Data

Draft Policies and Technology Assessments: Stay on top of draft policies that are being released across the payer landscape. Submitting comments or attending draft payer meetings in advance of a decision can be a powerful aid in your payer advocacy efforts. Prior notifications are delivered for draft and published policy reviews and technology assessments.

Policy & Fee Landscape

Comparison Tools for Coverage: Generate instant landscape reports detailing document types, enrollment data by payer, fee schedules, review dates and more, saving hours of manual research. All data is continually updated in real time.

Features & Benefits
  • Produce instant reports on commercial and public payer coverage on your and competing products
  • Stay ahead of the game by receiving alerts on draft policies, draft meetings and technology assessment reviews
  • Generate a list of upcoming policy review dates
  • Access fee schedules

Customer Quote

"Policy Reporter conducts landscape and coding projects for us multiple times a quarter. They consistently provide thoughtful, extensive analyses and we use them regularly to make important decisions."

Fortune 50 Healthcare Company

Did You Know?

Narrow networks are as hot a topic today as they were when they started gaining steam several years ago. Will legislative and economic forces put pressure on payers who have not yet adopted them?

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