Covered Lives Dashboard and Datafile

The Policy Reporter Covered Lives Dashboard is an immensely powerful tool capable of providing detailed Payer enrollment statistics, and offers information broken down by Payer, state, and detailed plan type. We understand that having in-depth knowledge of the breadth of Payer coverage is at the heart of market access strategy, and we’ve got the data to support it.

Detailed Health Plan Enrollment Statistics

  • By Payer (Health Plan)
  • By State
  • By Individual Plan Type
  • By Medical Benefit and Pharmaceutical Benefit Enrollment

1. Stay ahead of the curve with the most frequently updated health plan enrollment data on the market:

The Payer coverage landscape is ever-changing, and having the latest enrollment figures at your fingertips is crucial to knowing where to focus your market access efforts. That’s why we update our data more regularly than any other enrollment statistics provider in the market, allowing you to stay one step ahead.

Our data is rigorously analysed by statistical healthcare experts and follows a consistent update schedule. Many of our plan types are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

2. Find the information you need, when you need it:

Not only do we offer the most up-to-date covered lives information available, but also offer the flexibility to run advanced search across multiple criteria, allowing you to filter your data and hone in on the results you need. The power to broaden or narrow search criteria gives our clients unprecedented scope to truly understand the Payer coverage environment.

  • Plan Type(s)
  • Payer(s)
  • State(s)

3. Visualize your success:

Fully interpret Payer enrollment statistics at a glance with our charts, graphs and map visualization. Our tool goes beyond a simple spreadsheet of covered lives results (although we offer that format too!), by providing our clients with helpful data visualizations and charts integrated into our online dashboard, with options to switch between table views or graphical visualizations.

4. Data Export File:

In addition to our interactive online dashboard, we offer an offline, Excel Version of the Payer Enrollment Statistics. Inquire today to find out more about pricing or to review a sample file.

Empower your market access teams today by subscribing to Policy Reporter’s Covered Lives Dashboard or Excel Datafile, home to the most accessible and up-to-date enrollment information in the marketplace. Talk to our sales team today to learn more, or to schedule a demonstration.

Customer Quote

"I have been impressed by how Policy Reporter handles such a large volume of payer information with accuracy. I'm no longer caught off guard by major payer policy changes."

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