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Our objective at Policy Reporter is to improve the way the medical and pharmaceutical industry receives, processes and acts on healthcare policy developments. We achieve this by automating the necessary but often frustrating act of staying abreast of policy changes across the payer population. By using Policy Reporter, you will be able to reallocate your resources to ensure your customers are aware of the very latest insurer criteria, resulting in maximum coverage for your products.

Policy Reporter was founded on the idea that while operational improvements have occurred in an unprecedented fashion in mobile communications, aeronautics, energy and other industries, healthcare information management has not followed suit. Most organizations and providers use archaic methods of sales, coverage and claims communications and have not enjoyed the same profound progress the aforementioned industries have.

Our founders possess a unique blend of market development and reimbursement expertise and have introduced a fresh way of conducting reimbursement related activities, truly changing the nature of the game. Our customers are astounded at how efficient their operations have become and have leveraged Policy Reporter's services to achieve new standards in influencing payer behavior and communicating with providers.

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