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Insights into the Market for Infliximab Products

In Policy Reporter’s new Biosimilar Market Insights Publication Series, we provide  critical insights into the US biosimilar landscape to help drive your biosimilar strategy. Through a synthesis of  proprietary and public data, our first edition analyzes the market for infliximab (Remicade® and its biosimilar competitors) to discuss potential predictors of future market behavior. 

Through our comprehensive analysis we’ve discovered that more than 90% of commercially covered lives enjoy preferred access to the reference product, Remicade®, while over 50% have access to a biosimilar competitor, Inflectra®, indicating that payers are comfortable contracting for more than one preferred infliximab product. However, relative market share substantially favors Remicade®, perhaps due to portfolio marketing strategies that leverage a suite of products. Biosimilar manufacturers should be aware that they’ll need to go beyond pricing discounts and develop partnerships with friendly constituents to expand market share and ensure continued viability of the market.

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